The first 2007 foal is here!!!!!  Check the new arrival page!

Welcome to Neverland!

Neverland is located in the heart of beautiful Central Oregon (in spite of what you may have heard from a popular story book :).  Our small family farm is bursting at the seams with ponies of varying sizes and types. We breed for temperament and athleticism to create smaller equine athletes for anybody that refuses to grow up!  Our ponies are handled with care from thier very first day to ensure that each one is imprinted by human handlers large and small.  We follow that imprinting with consistent handling including halter training, picking up and holding all 4 feet for the furrier, quietly accepting electric hair clippers, loading into horse trailers, being bathed, tacked up and being ponied off a larger equine.

Our ponies are well loved and reflect that care in their attitudes towards people. They follow us around the pasture, never running when we "catch" them - in fact, if you're near the pasture, be prepared to dole out the pony snuggles to these guys! They demand it!!!

Our ponies are bred at home, foaled at home and trained at home. If you're looking for your next equine partner, check out Neverland. We think you'll be pleased with what you find!

***NEWS FLASH**** Neverland needs another pony handler! HELP WANTED: Looking for a smallish equine enthusiast to work part time in trade for training, stud fees or riding time. We have excellent trail mounts and all of Central Oregon as a playground! Call Lisa if interested! Flexible Hours - benefits include UNLIMITED pony kisses! 541-389-0828

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